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Posted on: 12 March

6th March 2022

General information on the course:

The “slope” rating of the course has been lowered from 88 to 70. Par remains at 61 with a scratch rating of 58.

Ladies tees have been created for all 18 holes with distance markers placed on the tee boxes.All tees now include visitors/public golfers “white” tee markers.

All tee areas now have large sand buckets on the tees to enable members & social players to repair their divots on the tees and re-fill sand buckets so that players can repair divots on the course as they play. Remember all good players repair their divots, all others MUST.

A new boundary fence has been built adjacent to the 13th green (with the area between the fence & the concrete path marked with blue stakes designating a garden,
 All boundary fences define “out of bounds”

Reminder – Red markers identify penalty areas and a penalty stroke applies if a player’s ball enters within the line of the markers and the player takes relief out of the penalty area

All open drains are now penalty areas and are marked by red stakes – refer to the notice board for rules of play.

All par 4 holes have had distance markers: white 150 metres and red 100 metres placed in the right hand edge of the fairway (except for the 6th hole which has no markers & the 7th which has only a 100 metre marker).

New gardens and concrete paths continue to be created throughout the course – refer to the Notice Board for rules for relief.

Mulched areas  beneath trees are to be treated as gardens and relief can be taken at the nearest point of relief (not nearer the hole) without penalty. 

At the 11th & 12th holes – the area between the path & the boundary fence is marked with blue stakes and is to be played as Ground under repair. Refer to the Notice Board for rules of play.

The area between the path and the boundary fence beside the 13th green is designated as garden, and relief can be taken at the drop zone (short of the hole). 

The path beyond the 13th green has been marked with a blue stake. If a ball travels beyond this line it is deemed to be in a Ground under repair area, relief can be taken at the drop zone behind the green with no penalty.

Refer to the new Rules of Golf regarding:

Playing a ball “hit out of bounds” – playing a ball hit into a “penalty area” –  removing loose items adjacent to the players ball in a bunker or penalty area.


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